U.S. technological innovations and know-how are one of America's most important economic and security assets. These assets are legally protected through U.S. patents and copyrights, and are known as Intellectual Property ("IP"). America's IP and IP creators are crucial to American success in today's global economy.

American IP creators and American working families are both being undermined by a global economy where capital mobility trumps political sovereignty. Important American jobs and industries are being lost to foreign countries at an increasing rate. This destroys American working families, undermines American economic health, and threatens American national security.

The American Ingenuity Alliance (AIA) is working to anchor American jobs in U.S. communities and strengthen U.S. competitiveness and security. We link U.S. inventors and IP creators with U.S. labor unions and investors to pursue these common objectives.

The intellectual property rights granted to IP creators in the United States are constitutionally derived and are further protected by international trade agreements. However, these rights are enforceable only for those who have the necessary resources. This leaves independent inventors and small-entity IP creators with little or no recourse to stop patent infringement by large multinational corporations. Similarly, the organizing rights of labor unions are afforded some legal protection in the United States, but increasing capital mobility through globalization is significantly undermining labor's bargaining position.

By combining the legal leverage of inventors with the organizing power of labor unions, good jobs are anchored in the United States, unions gain a new source of leverage to bargain on behalf of working families, and inventors a much-needed champion of their interests. By including union workers as stakeholders in intellectual property, productivity is enhanced, innovation is encouraged and competitiveness increases.

In addition, strong patent laws allow investors to invest in IP-based ventures and industries with increased confidence, knowing that the exclusivity-element of the IP is enforceable.

On the international level, the Alliance is working to embed labor and environmental standards into intellectual property rights currently enforced through existing trade agreements.